Confirmation of a VEIN model means you are automatically agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. All usages and rates confirmed by agent via email are legally binding.

1. An agency service fee of 20% will be applied to all VEIN invoices. All confirmed fees exclude VAT.

2. All invoices have a 30 day payment period. If the Client fails to pay the invoice (in full) by the due date, VEIN shall be entitled to charge a 5% late fee applied to each 30 day period until receipt of payment.

3. No usage of the Model’s image is permitted until VEIN has received payment for the work in full.

4. VEIN Models are supplied on a non-exclusive basis. They are free to perform similar services for multiple clients; an additional fee is required for exclusivity terms.

5. The Client agrees to use the Model’s material only within the rights granted by a VEIN agent in a booking or written confirmation.

6. A working day consists of 8 hours between 8am and 6pm. 1.5x the day rate applies before 8am and after 6pm. Overtime between 08:00 and 24:00hrs is charged at 1/8 of the daily rate, per hour. Overtime between 24:00 and 08:00hrs is charged at 1/4 of the daily rate, per hour.

(i)Photography: 1 day = 4 up to 8 hours. Photography: 1/2 day = 0 up to 4 hours. 

(ii)Film: 1 day =  5 up to 10 hours. Film: 1/2 day = 0 up to 5 hours. 

(iii)Any booking which is more than four hours will be charged at the Model’s day rate and any booking which is less than four hours will be charged at the Model’s half-day rate, unless otherwise specified. 

7. The Client is responsible for all travel expenses of each model booked, unless agreed by VEIN in advance.

8. If a booking is cancelled by the Client (three or less) days prior to the booking start date, VEIN is entitled to a payment of the full fee. If cancelled (more than three) days prior, entitlement is half the fee. All expenses incurred (including but not limited to travel, accommodation, travel tests) in relation to the cancelled booking must be reimbursed in full by the Client. 

9. Should VEIN need to cancel a booking, it shall use all endeavours to provide the Client with reasonable notice and offer Client a suitable replacement and/or substitute. VEIN shall be free of liability from the Client. 

10. In the event of illness and/ or personal emergencies, VEIN shall not be held responsible for non-appearance of a model. 

11. VEIN shall not be held responsible for any damages or expenses incurred by the Model. 

12. Neither VEIN nor the Model, shall be held accountable for unsatisfactory fulfilment. 

13. Model bookings involving underwear, swimwear and (topless) nudity can only occur with written permission from VEIN prior to the model’s working day.

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